FirstWord Lists: The 50 fastest growing pharmaceutical brands in 2015

The 50 fastest growing pharmaceutical products (calculated by subtracting 2014 sales from 2015 sales) generated combined year-on-year growth of $41 billion in 2015.

Gilead Sciences' hepatitis C treatment Harvoni accounted for 29 percent of this figure, with incremental growth of $11.7 billion.

Eight products delivered incremental growth in excess of $1 billion in 2015, three of which were hepatitis C drugs. All of these products were launched in 2014.

The 10 fastest growing pharmaceutical products generated combined growth of $23 billion, equal to 56 percent of growth generated by the 50 drugs included on the list below.

AbbVie's Humira and Pfizer's Prevnar are listed among the industry's 10 fastest growing products in 2015 and among the 10 biggest selling products (Humira remained the biggest selling drug in 2015 with sales of $14 billion). Celgene's Revlimid falls just short of this distinction in terms of incremental growth generated in 2015.

The 50 biggest growing drugs in 2015 
Drug Company Indication/drug type 2015 sales growth ($m)
Harvoni Gilead Hepatitis C 11737
Prevnar Pfizer Streptococcus pneumoniae (vaccine) 1781
Viekira AbbVie Hepatitis C 1591
Humira AbbVie Autoimmune (various) 1469
HepC BMS Hepatitis C 1347
Eliquis BMS Anticoagulant 1086
Xtandi Astellas Prostate cancer 1076
Triumeq GSK HIV 1029
Eylea Regeneron Age-related macular degeneration 940
Opdivo BMS Melanoma/NSCLC 936
Revlimid Celgene Multiple myeloma 821
Tecfidera Biogen Multiple sclerosis 729
Ibrance Pfizer Breast cancer 723
Invokana J&J Diabetes 722
Victoza Novo Nordisk Diabetes 684
Enbrel Amgen Autoimmune (various) 676
Spiriva Boehringer Ingelheim COPD 637
Xarelto Bayer Anticoagulant 636
Stribild Gilead HIV 628
Levemir Novo Nordisk Diabetes 607
Perjeta Roche Breast cancer 548
Eylea Bayer Age-related macular degeneration 520
Keytruda Merck & Co. Melanoma/NSCLC 511
Entyvio Takeda Ulcerative Colitis 511
Imbruvica J&J Leukaemia  489
NovoRapid Novo Nordisk Diabetes 486
Aubagio Sanofi Multiple sclerosis 486
Esbriet Roche Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis 468
Tivicay GSK HIV 468
Otezla Celgene Psoriasis 402
Stelara J&J Psoriasis 402
Soliris Alexion Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria 356
Orkambi Vertex Cystic fibrosis 351
Opsumit Actelion Pulmonary arterial hypertension 349
Xarelto J&J Anticoagulant 346
Ofev Boehringer Ingelheim Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis 339
Cimzia UCB Crohn's disease 317
Xolair Roche Asthma 314
Forxiga AstraZeneca Diabetes 310
Cyramza Eli Lilly NSCLC 308
Pomalyst Celgene Multiple myeloma 303
Gilenya Novartis Multiple sclerosis 299
Plegridy Biogen Multiple sclerosis 294
Breo GSK Asthma/COPD 290
Prolia Amgen Osteoporosis 282
Avastin Roche Cancer (various) 278
Herceptin Roche Breast cancer 274
Vyvanse Shire ADHD 273
Eloctate Biogen Hemophilia A 262
Imbruvica AbbVie Leukaemia  262
Source: Company reported data *growth based on a 2015 concensus forecast


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Among the 20 fastest growing pharmaceutical products in 2015 are a number of notable new drug launches – in addition to the aforementioned hepatitis C therapies. GlaxoSmithKline's combination HIV therapy Triumeq was launched in 2014 and generated incremental growth of $1 billion in 2015, while Bristol-Myers Squibb's PD-1 inhibitor Opdivo was launched in late 2014 (generating sales of just $6 million that year) and saw revenues swell to $942 million in 2015. Pfizer's breast cancer treatment was launched in early 2015 but recorded impressive sales of $723 million last year to position it 13th on the list.

Roche markets five of the 50 fastest growing pharmaceuticals in 2015, with combined incremental growth of $1.9 billion, while Johnson & Johnson markets four ($2 billion).

Bristol-Myers Squibb ($3.4 billion), AbbVie ($3.3 billion), Novo Nordisk ($1.8 billion), GlaxoSmithKline ($1.8 billion), Celgene ($1.5 billion) and Biogen ($1.3 billion) are each responsible for marketing three drugs included in the list. Gilead, which markets two of the drugs, generates the most incremental revenue ($12.4 billion) due to the performance of the Harvoni franchise.

Among the industry's biggest growing drugs in 2015, hepatitis C therapies delivered incremental growth of $14.7 billion versus the previous year, while oncology treatments delivered $6.5 billion. Despite an increasingly pressured US payer environment, diabetes drugs on the list delivered incremental growth of $2.8 billion, with anticoagulants, autoimmune therapies and HIV drugs each contributing growth of $2.1 billion.


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