New Report: Two Medical Affairs Teams Rule US and EU5 HIV Treatment Market

Rated for overall quality of interactions, two medical affairs teams for major HIV drugs are well ahead of the competition in both the US and the EU5 countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK).

In the EU5, these two teams score at least one and a half times as high as their closest competitor. In the US, they're even farther ahead, scoring at least twice as high as the closest rival.

These and other key findings come courtesy of a new series of reports from FirstWord, called FirstView Medical Affairs Reputations: HIV.

Available for the US and EU5 markets, and based on surveys of practicing infectious disease specialists, the reports give readers detailed head-to-head comparisons of medical affairs teams for eight HIV brands: Evotaz, Intelence, Isentress, Celsentri/Selzentry, Stribild, Triumeq, Truvada and Viread.

Drug manufacturers can use the reports to identify where their medical affairs teams excel, where they lag behind and how they can tailor their services to better meet doctors' needs.

Activity Paying Off

One key element of the leading teams' success appears to be the frequency with which they interact with doctors. In both the US and Europe, the top two teams interacted with far more doctors in the past 6 months than their competitors. In fact, the leading team in Europe interacted with over 90 percent of the doctors surveyed.

Although this trend continues downmarket — in nearly all cases the more active a team is, the higher its overall satisfaction score — interactions alone are not the whole story.

Leading Teams Have the Right Focus

Perhaps a more important differentiator for the leading teams is their focus. Compared to downmarket rivals, the top two teams tend to do a better job of providing the services doctors consider most important, a trend visible in both their performance ratings for 12 medical affairs services and their satisfaction scores for those same services. While performance scores are high in both the US and EU5, satisfaction scores tend to be slightly lower in Europe, and vary more from one team to the next.

US Doctors Starting to Embrace Electronic Communication

One of the reports' more interesting findings is that US infectious disease specialists appear to be warming up to electronic communication. This is evident in the comparatively high popularity of email among respondents. It's also apparent from doctors' recommendations for medical affairs teams. Asked how teams could improve their services, a significant number of respondents indicated that they'd like to see better electronic communications.

European Doctors Calling for an "Attitude Adjustment"

In Europe, doctors' recommendations to medical affairs teams were decidedly more critical, with a significant number of respondents suggesting ways for teams to improve their "medical affairs attitude." Suggestions ranged from better scheduling to a greater focus on clinical issues to better understanding the needs of doctors and patients. Addressing these issues may well help lower ranked teams close the gap between them and the market leaders.

Full Reports Now Available

Get all the details in FirstView Medical Affairs Reputations: HIV reports for the US and EU5 markets — now available from FirstWord.

Sample pages are available upon request from the FirstWord web site.

For more information, contact FirstWord or call +1 212-220-0880 or +44(0)20.7665.9240

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