Novartis Taps Biosimilar Experience in Europe to Snag US Sales - (Bloomberg via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Novartis is expected to draw on its prior experience in the rollout of Erelzi, a biosimilar of Amgen's Enbrel, Bloomberg reported.

  • Erelzi became the second Novartis biosimilar to be approved by the FDA earlier this week, following the approval and launch of Zarxio as a biosimilar of Amgen's Neupogen last year.

  • "There's increasing pressure around the world on health-care systems," said Carol Lynch, global head of biopharmaceuticals at Novartis' Sandoz unit, adding "they're looking at how they’re going to be able to manage to provide health care for aging populations into the future, and many of them I think would see biosimilars as one of the big levers there to help."

  • Lynch said the drugmaker projects the global biosimilar market to jump to $14 billion by 2020, up from $2 billion currently.

  • In addition to Zarxio and Erelzi, Novartis also aims to biosimilars of AbbVie's Humira and Roche's Rituxan in the next five years.

  • Meanwhile, Lynch did not provide specifics on the timing of the Erelzi launch, noting that current law required a 180-day notice before biosimilars can be launched.

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