Generic heart failure drug costs too high for many uninsured-study - (Yahoo!News via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Research data published at the American Heart Association medical meeting reveal wide discrepancies in the cost of generic treatments for heart failure for uninsured patients, even among pharmacies in the same area, as reported Yahoo!News Tuesday.

  • In the study, the investigators surveyed 175 pharmacies in the St. Louis, Missouri regarding the costs charged to uninsured patients for digoxin, lisinopril and carvedilol.

  • The investigators found that the combined cost for a one-month supply of the three drugs ranged from $12 to $400.

  • The research team identified no link of drug prices with the type of pharmacy or average income of the neighbourhood.

  • "We do not know where the major pricing problem lies in the journey that a generic drug for heart failure takes from generic company to distributor to retail pharmacy and then to patient," said study author Paul Hauptman, adding "there is no transparency here."

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