LegoChem Biosciences Enters into Research Licensing Agreement with Takeda to Develop Next-Generation Antibody-Drug Conjugate Candidates

DAEJEON, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- LegoChem Biosciences ("LCB") (KOSDAQ:141080), based in Daejeon South Korea, announced today that the Company has entered into a research licensing agreement with Takeda Pharmaceuticals Company Limited (TSE:4502) ("Takeda") to evaluate next-generation antibody drug conjugate (ADC) candidates. Through this agreement, Takeda will have access to LCB's proprietary ADC technology, ConjuAllTM.

ConjuAllTM is LCB's proprietary next-generation ADC technology platform. Utilizing a site-specific bio-conjugation method and a stable beta-glucuronide linker, ConjuAll™ enables the design of homogeneous plasma stable ADCs with the potential for improved payload delivery to cancer cells.

Under the terms of the agreement, the companies will focus on evaluating novel ADC candidates. Takeda will have an exclusive option to license global rights for the project results.

Dr. Yong Zu Kim, President & CEO of LCB said, "We are delighted that Takeda has recognized the potential of our proprietary ADC technology to address unmet medical needs in the ADC field. Takeda is a desirable partner for LCB as they have expertise and experience in the global commercialization of an antibody drug conjugate therapy."

Takeda signed the research licensing agreements with LCB through its wholly owned subsidiary, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

About LegoChem Biosciences

LegoChem Biosciences is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development of next-generation novel therapeutics utilizing its proprietary medicinal drug discovery technology LegoChemistry™ & ADC platform technology ConjuAll™. Since its foundation in 2006, LCB has focused on the research and development of ADC (Antibody-Drug-Conjugates), antibiotics, anticoagulants and anticancer therapeutics based on proprietary platform technologies.

About ConjuAllTM

ConjuAllTM is a next-generation ADC platform technology utilizing novel linker chemistry combined with site-specific enzymatic conjugation. Its platform provides solutions for site-specific conjugation, linker stability and efficient payload release which are three major unmet needs in ADC development.

MedCI LLC, a business development consulting firm, served as an advisor to LCB.

Source: LegoChem Biosciences, Inc.

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