Senators Look to Canada, Donald Trump on Prescription Drugs - (U.S. News & World via NewsPoints Desk)

  • US lawmakers have called on US President Donald Trump to support legislation that would permit people to import low-cost prescription drugs from Canada, US News reported Tuesday.

  • "[The President] has made promises to the American people about prescription drug prices," remarked Senator Cory Booker, adding "this bill can provide Americans cheaper access to drugs."

  • The legislation, if passed, would permit the Department of Health and Human Services to create regulations that would permit prescription drugs to be imported from Canada, with the move expanded to other countries after two years.

  • The lawmakers noted that drugs such as Abilify and Januvia are several fold cheaper in Canada even though the US spends more on pharmaceuticals than any other country.

  • Commenting on the proposal, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America spokeswoman Nicole Longo said "the bill lacks sufficient safety controls, would exacerbate threats to public health from counterfeit, adulterated or diverted medicines, and increase the burden on law enforcement to prevent unregulated medicines and other dangerous products from harming consumers."

  • The bill includes provisions defining the drugs permitted for import, rules to combat rogue online pharmacies and measures to permit the FDA to certify foreign sellers.

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