Branded heart, diabetes drugs much costlier than generic ones - (Business Standard via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Indian officials revealed that branded treatments for diabetes and heart disease are far more expensive than their generic alternatives, as reported Business Standard Friday.

  • "Yes, it is a fact that some branded medicines are many times costlier than generic medicines," chemicals and fertilisers minister Mansukh Mandaviya stated.

  • The government said that the prices of branded heart drugs, such as amlodipine/atenolol, ramipril and losartan/hydroclorothiaze, are eight-fold to 10-fold higher than generics in Jan Aushadhi Kendras.

  • The country also explained that branded glimepiride is 10-fold more expensive that generic versions, while, branded metformin is only three-fold more expensive than generics.

  • Regarding antibiotics, leading brands of ofloxacin are nearly four times more costly than generic versions.

  • Mandaviya noted "the group of secretaries [has] made several recommendations for promotion of generic medicines."

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