WHO wants transparency, market revamp for fairer drug pricing - (NASDAQ via NewsPoints Desk)

  • The World Health Organization has cited a need for increased transparency and more fairness in drug prices, as reported NASDAQ Thursday.

  • "The problem has become global," said Suzanne Hill, WHO head of essential medicines, continuing "many of these (drugs) are now on the WHO model list of essential medicines but their high price is limiting access."

  • "More transparency is absolutely vital to give us evidence for future action," noted WHO assistant director-general Marie-Paule Kieny.

  • In response to criticism, several drugmakers, including Sanofi, have promised to limit annual price increases.

  • Meanwhile, Kieny expressed "serious reservations" regarding the move by many companies towards value-based pricing, which she stated essentially places a value on life and permits drugmakers to price their therapies to that level.

  • "What we would recommend firmly is not to shoot for the stars and get bogged down on ideological debate, but rather focus on one or two areas where there is consensus to think outside the box, like antimicrobrial resistance and shortages," cautioned Thomas Cueni, head of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations.

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