Deal for US Drugmaker Poised to Boost Sales for Japan's Sawai - (Bloomberg via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Sawai Pharmaceutical's $1-billion deal to purchase Upsher-Smith Laboratories' generics business is expected to boost sales for the Japanese drugmaker, Bloomberg reported Monday.

  • US sales for the company are expected to grow by 13 percent annually through 2021.

  • "Upsher-Smith has a very good eye on selecting products and pricing them to a level which can bring sufficient profit to the company," remarked Sawai president Mitsuo Sawai, adding "we have manufacturing technology that enables us to bring down cost and want to combine it."

  • Upsher-Smith recorded $397 million in generics revenue last year.

  • Sawai aims to introduce one therapy of its own each year in niche markets that are not dominated by larger companies such as Mylan or Teva.

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