Diabetes drugs linked to higher risk for rare but deadly complication - (CBS News via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Study results published in the NEJM suggest that SGLT2 inhibitors could increase the risk of ketoacidosis, as reported by CBS News.

  • SGLT2 inhibitors, which include the brands Invokana, Invokamet, Farxiga, Xigduo XR, Jardiance and Glyxambi, first became available in 2013, but in 2015 the FDA warned about an increased risk for diabetic ketoacidosis when the drugs are used.

  • In the study, investigators analyzed data from 40 000 patients with type 2 diabetes and found that patients taking SGLT2 inhibitors were twice as likely to develop diabetic ketoacidosis than those given DPP4 inhibitors, which include drugs such as Januvia and Onglyza.

  • However, the authors noted that the risk remains very small, with only about one in every 1000 patients taking SGLT2 inhibitors going on to develop ketoacidosis.

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