Pfizer loses lawsuit against Texas agency that provided drug cost data to senators - (Dallas News via NewsPoints Desk)

  • US District Court Judge Lee Yeakel concluded that Texas lawmakers can access information about how Pfizer priced drugs in the state's Medicaid programme, Bloomberg reported Monday.

  • In the case, Pfizer had accused Texas' Health and Human Services Commission of violating confidentiality agreements by providing lawmakers details about Pfizer's negotiated drug pricing rates in the Texas Medicaid programme.

  • In his ruling, Yeakel stated that it is appropriate for legislators to have drug cost data to "exercise meaningful oversight" over the Medicaid programme.

  • Yeakel called described Pfizer's view on confidentiality provisions "narrow," adding that the drugmaker did not consider the "complex realities" of operating and funding Texas' Medicaid programme.

  • "The court will not construe to carry out so narrowly as to prevent the Commission charged with administering the state's Medicaid programme from disclosing information that could affect state budgeting to the body which created it," Yeakel stated.

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