United Therapeutics to pay $210 mln to resolve U.S. kickback probe - (Nasdaq via NewsPoints Desk)

  • The US Attorney's Office in Massachusetts announced a settlement under which United Therapeutics will pay $210 million to resolve claims that it used a charity as a conduit to illegally cover Medicare patients' out-of-pocket drug costs, as reported in Nasdaq.

  • Specifically, the government alleged that from 2010 to 2014, United Therapeutics used Caring Voice Coalition as a means to pay for the co-pay obligations of thousands of Medicare patients taking drugs including Adcirca, Remodulin, Tyvaso and Orenitram.

  • According to the agreement, United Therapeutics routinely obtained data from the charity detailing how many patients on each drug received assistance and how much Caring Voice Coalition spent on those patients.

  • The move was aimed at eliminating price sensitivity and boosting sales of company drugs, according to the news source.

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