New herpes treatment could help where other drugs fail, say scientists - (The Independent via NewsPoints Desk)

  • A new study describes the potential efficacy of the investigational drug BX795  in the treatment of herpes, The Independent reported Wednesday.

  • In the study, the investigators found that the drug helped facilitate clearance of HSV-1 in human cornea cells and mouse corneas.

  • "We have needed alternative drugs that work on new targets for a very long time because patients who develop resistance to nucleoside analogues have very few good options for treating their infection," remarked study author Deepak Shukla. 

  • "We have found a molecule that works in a totally novel fashion," Shukla explained, adding "instead of working on the virus, it works in the host cells and helps them to clear the virus. There was no discernible toxicity or negative side effects at therapeutic concentrations in cells that are not infected with the virus."

  • "Because BX795 targets a common pathway that many viruses use to replicate inside the cell, it could be a new kind of broad-spectrum antiviral that might be used to treat other viral infections, including HSV-2, which primarily affects the genitals, and HIV, although we have not yet tested it on viruses other than HSV-1," Shukla stated.

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