Amicus prices Fabry disease therapy Galafold at $315 000 per year in US

Amicus Therapeutics disclosed Monday that its recently approved Fabry disease treatment Galafold (migalastat) will cost an average of $315 000 annually per patient in the US. The company noted that the oral drug is priced "at parity or below" the cost of enzyme replacement therapy, adding that it will limit future price increases to the consumer price index.

According to Amicus, Sanofi's Fabry disease therapy Fabrazyme (agalsidase beta) carries a cost of $340 000 per patient per year, adding that Galafold does not have additional costs linked to the administration of infused drugs. Meanwhile, Sanofi stressed that the average cost of Fabrazyme, which is delivered by infusion, in children is closer to $290 000 because the administered dose is linked to the weight of the patient.

"If we're going to have more medicines for people living with rare diseases, we've got to bend the cost curve," Amicus CEO John Crowley previously remarked. Amicus also indicated that it will invest a portion of its profits into developing new treatments for Fabry disease. Galafold was approved in Europe in 2016, where the average cost of the product ranges from $200 000 to $250 000 annually. 

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