In The Know: How are market access barriers impacting RA brands in the US?

When 100 US-based physicians were polled in 2017, they were asked to identify how rheumatoid arthritis (RA) drug brands were impacted by a series of market barriers.

Understanding the impact of barriers to prescribing is key given the effect they can have on a drug’s market share. Analysis of these survey results examined factors such as the number of physicians prescribing each brand, how physicians choose which drugs to prescribe, and the current market share of competing brands.

The survey found that the overall market barrier impact was split across the 11 brands featured, and that, as of November 2017, Humira led the US market with the highest positive net gain (see Table 1).

Table 1: Overall impact of market barriers on market share of RA brands

Source: FirstWord Market Access Impact (US) -- Rheumatoid Arthritis (2017)

Responses to the latest survey will be available in the coming weeks and will reveal how this market is ranked by US physicians (click here to be notified when results are available). See Table 2 for the latest survey brand list.

Table 2: Brands included in the 2018 RA survey

FirstWord has conducted similar research in 15 competitive disease areas across the US and EU. Contact us to learn more.


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