Teva prices generic EpiPen at parity with Mylan's generic version

Teva said Tuesday that its generic version of Mylan's EpiPen (epinephrine) will carry a wholesale acquisition cost of $300 in the US. The Israeli drugmaker's product gained FDA approval in August as the first generic version of the auto-injector for the emergency treatment of allergic reactions.  

Teva said that limited supplies of its generic version of EpiPen are currently available in the US, although the company did not provide further specifics. The company added that additional supplies of the generic, as well as a generic version of EpiPen Jr., will be released next year. 

In May, the FDA added EpiPen to its drug shortage list, noting that the product has "intermittent supply constraints due to manufacturing delays from the manufacturing partner," with Mylan announcing last year that Pfizer's Meridian Medical Technologies unit, which manufactures the EpiPen auto-injector, had expanded a recall of the device to include the US and other markets. 

In 2016, Mylan launched an authorised generic version of EpiPen for $300 per pack of two pens, making it less than half the wholesale acquisition cost of the branded product, following scrutiny over the branded drug's rising price. The company also unveiled a discount programme to reduce out-of-pocket costs for the branded version of the therapy.

Last year, Kaléo re-launched its epinephrine auto-injector Auvi-Q after the product was withdrawn from the market over problems with the injection mechanism, with the company stating that the treatment would be made available at no out-of-pocket cost to patients with commercial insurance. Meanwhile, CVS Health inked an agreement to sell Impax Laboratories' authorised generic for Adrenaclick (epinephrine) at a cash price of $110 per two-pack. 

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