Antibiotic overuse is high for common urology procedures: Almost 60 percent of patients were prescribed antibiotics in a way that did not follow AUA guidelines - (ScienceDaily via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Study data published in JAMA Network Open reveal that antibiotic overuse is common during urology procedures, ScienceDaily reported Friday.

  • In the study, the investigators reviewed the medical records of 375 patients who underwent one of three common urological procedures and examined administrative data from 29 530 patient records in the Veterans Health Administration system.

  • The research team found that 217 of 375 patients were prescribed antibiotics in a way that did not comply with American Urological Association guidelines, with the prescription of antibiotics for longer than 24 hours after a procedure being the most common deviation.

  • Meanwhile, the researchers noted that the patient records revealed that nearly 40 percent of patients were prescribed a median of three extra days' worth of antibiotics.

  • "This study shows that antibiotics are often continued for several days after common urologic procedures, even when there is no clear indication for antibiotics," remarked study author Daniel Livorsi, adding "this seemingly unnecessary use of antibiotics is exposing patients to potential harm."

  • "Reducing unnecessary antibiotic use in this setting is just one example of how physicians can be better stewards of antibiotics," Livorsi continued.

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