In The Know: How are T2DM medical affairs teams stacking up in the US?

Which type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) medical affairs teams are winning over physicians for oral medications?

When asked to rank the overall quality of interactions with medical affairs teams, a sample of 100 US physicians gave Jardiance the highest ranking back in 2018. However, this was a close race, as the second and third placed products, Januvia and Invokana, respectively, were ranked less than one point under Jardiance, in terms of overall team satisfaction (see Table 1).


Table 1: T2DM (orals) medical affairs teams ranked by US physicians

Source: FirstWord Medical Affairs Reputations: T2DM Orals  2018

Responses to the 2019 survey are now available, and show how T2DM (orals) teams have performed over the past 12 months (click here to view the results). See Table 2 for the latest survey brand list.


Table 2: Brands included in the 2019 T2DM (orals) survey

FirstWord has conducted similar research in 15 competitive disease areas across the US and EU. Contact us to learn more.

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