Intas launches trastuzumab biosimilar to treat breast cancer - (Business Standard via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Intas Pharmaceuticals announced Wednesday that it launched its trastuzumab biosimilar, under the brand name Eleftha, in India, reported Business Standard.

  • According to the company, its biosimilar breast cancer therapy could help cut down the cost of treatment by 65 percent.

  • The maximum retail price (MRP) of Eleftha will be Rs 19 995 for a dose strength of 440 mg, Intas stated.

  • The MRP of most of trastuzumab brands in India currently ranges between Rs 58 000 and Rs 63 000 per 440 mg vial, the company noted.

  • In patients with HER2-positive early breast cancer, almost 18 cycles of trastuzumab-based therapy are required, Intas said, adding that the launch of Eleftha will reduce the cost of the treatment to less than Rs 4 lakh.

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