On rising insulin prices, lawmaker tells pharma execs: 'Your days are numbered' - (CNN via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Pharmaceutical executives faced tense questioning from US lawmakers during a House Committee on Energy and Commerce hearing looking into the rising cost of insulin in the country, reported CNN.

  • The average price of insulin tripled over the course of a decade, from $4.34 per mL in 2002 to $12.92 per mL in 2013, according to a study published in JAMA in 2016.

  • Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky told the panel of executives during the hearing that prices of insulin are "curiously close" between manufacturers and "way too high," adding "I don't know how you people sleep at night."

  • Several executives, including Doug Langa of Novo Nordisk and Kathleen Tregoning of Sanofi, pointed to how the healthcare system is "broken," and they all agreed it was unacceptable that some patients are struggling to afford medications.

  • Ahead of the hearing, Sanofi announced plans to reduce the price of insulin for qualifying patients to $99 a month for up to 10 boxes of pens or 10-mL vials.

  • In March, Eli Lilly announced plans to sell a generic version of its rapid-acting insulin Humalog. At half the price of Humalog, the generic insulin lispro will carry a list price of $137.35 per vial, the company said, or $265.20 for a pack of five pens.

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