KOL Views: Dovato’s risk/benefit passes regulatory muster – but what about with prescribers?

ViiV Healthcare got a green light from the FDA this week to begin marketing Dovato (dolutegravir/lamivudine) to treat HIV based on Phase III data suggesting the two-drug tablet is non-inferior to conventional triplets. However, the big question is how physicians will weigh Dovato’s expected safety benefits against its efficacy and the theoretical risk of resistance.

To provide FirstWord readers with rapid feedback on Dovato’s impact on the HIV treatment landscape, we are hosting an expert call with a key opinion leader (KOL) later this week.

Key topics that will be discussed during the call include, among other things… how does Dovato’s risk/benefit stack up against triple combinations in treatment-naïve patients, notably Gilead Sciences’ Biktarvy (bictegravir/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide); were you surprised or disappointed by anything on (or not on) Dovato’s label; how concerned are you that resistance mutations may be more likely to emerge using a two-drug combination versus a triplet, and will this concern impact prescribing habits; to what proportion of patients do you foresee prescribing Dovato; are there subgroups that will be ideal early adopters; what is your confidence level that Dovato will succeed in the Phase III TANGO trial in patients switching from triple combinations, and how important will these data be for driving uptake; and will Dovato’s lower list price - $27 500 per year versus $37 000 for Biktarvy – have any impact on prescribing patterns?

Ask the expert!

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