Trump Administration Preparing Executive Order on Health-Cost Disclosure - (The Wall Street Journal via NewsPoints Desk)

  • According to sources, US President Donald Trump could release an executive order mandating the disclosure of drug prices as soon as next week, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

  • The people said the order could direct federal agencies to force industry firms to release cost data, while the Department of Justice and other agencies might also be used to break up regional monopolies of hospitals and health insurance plans over worries that they are increasing the cost of care.

  • Two people familiar with the matter indicated that although the Trump administration has been working on plans for months, internal disputes have delayed prior plans to issue an executive order.

  • The news comes after Senators Lamar Alexander and Patty Murray unveiled legislation targeting healthcare costs that includes several proposals seeking price disclosures.

  • Two people familiar with the matter indicated that the Trump administration is also likely to use a coming hospital outpatient rule to force hospitals to disclose their negotiated rates with insurers.

  • Commenting on the news, America's Health Insurance Plans president Matt Eyles stated "transparency for transparency's sake, and forced disclosure of thousands upon thousands of competitively negotiated rates, will not help consumers," adding "to improve access and affordability, we need to work together to improve competition, choice and collaboration."

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