NHS to set up national artificial intelligence lab - (BBC News via NewsPoints Desk)

  • UK health secretary Matt Hancock announced that NHS will invest £250 million to boost the use of artificial intelligence (AI) by the agency, BBC News reported Thursday.

  • "The power of artificial intelligence to improve medicine, to save lives, to improve the way treatments are done, that power is enormous," Hancock stated, adding "in this country, we've got the opportunity to be one of the leading countries in the world at using this new technology."

  • "I want the NHS, through its AI lab, to actually be searching itself for new insights that are going to save lives," Hancock continued.

  • Meanwhile, given that most medical research has been conducted on people of white ancestry, Hancock stressed that it was "incredibly important" that AI "represented society."

  • Nicola Strickland, president of the Royal College of Radiologists, commented "I expect radiologists to be leaders in using AI algorithms to assist them, provided they can see evidence that these AI algorithms have been developed using large enough, properly curated data and rigorously validated and tested."

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