No-deal Brexit threatens influenza vaccine supply, doctors warn - (The Guardian via NewsPoints Desk)

  • UK doctors warned that a no-deal Brexit could jeopardise supplies of vaccines for the upcoming influenza season, The Guardian reported.

  • Royal College of Physicians president Andrew Goddard remarked "I can't sit here and say, 'Don't worry, no deal will be fine, no one is going to come to any harm, no one is going to run out of medicines.'"

  • Sanofi agreed that vaccine supplies would be interrupted if no exit agreement is reached, with UK managing director Hugo Fry explaining that more than 1 million doses of the vaccine would need to be imported after October 31 because of a delay in identifying the strains included in the vaccine.

  • "In the world of vaccines, you get shortages more often than you do in medicines, for example, because of the complexity," Fry said, continuing "therefore imagine in a world where it is difficult to get things into a country and there's a shortage of a particular vaccine, that's when you want to rush it into the country in case there's a shortfall."

  • "We are working closely with vaccine suppliers to ensure they have robust contingencies in place," the UK Department of Health commented, adding "we want to reassure our patients that our plans should ensure that supplies of vaccines remain uninterrupted when we leave the EU on 31 October, whatever the circumstances."

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