Pear Therapeutics CEO explains app for addiction treatment - (San Francisco Chronicle via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Pear Therapeutics aims to leverage the technology from smartphone apps to enhance treatment for patients battling addiction with alcohol, opioids and other drugs, reported the San Francisco Chronicle.

  • The company's first program, reSET, won FDA approval in 2017, after study results showed that patients working with the program were more than twice as likely to abstain from alcohol, cocaine, marijuana and stimulants, compared with those who did not. 

  • A year later, the company's reSET-O program was approved specifically for patients being treated for opioid addiction.

  • CEO Corey McCann explained that "it's well known that addicted patients respond very favorably to what are called variable reward schedules, so our program is a highly engaging mechanism for patients with substance use and opioid use disorder."

  • In terms of what sorts of rewards or perks patients get from these apps, McCann said they receive "everything from badges and digital 'at-a-boys' to things like gift cards for Starbucks and things of nominal financial value which can't be exchanged for substances of abuse."

  • The CEO noted that "each of the patients interacts with these different reward schedules in different ways. A good deal of the novelty is in pairing up the right patient with the right reward corresponding to the right amount."

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