Announcement of Joint Research Agreement with Gifu Pharmaceutical University for a Development of Treatments for an Ophthalmologic Disease using Stem Cells from Human Exfoliated Deciduous Teeth

September 18, 2019 - Gene Techno Science Co., Ltd. (TSE Mothers: 4584 "GTS") executed a joint research agreement ("this agreement") with Gifu Pharmaceutical University to develop new therapeutic treatments for an ophthalmologic disease as below.

1. Purpose and background for concluding this agreement GTS announced GTS 3.0 "Biotech Engineering Company, striving for value creation" a new business stage starting from this fiscal year, which targeted the pediatric disease in addition to the areas GTS has been engaged in such as the orphan disease and intractable disease. By leveraging the knowhow and expertise about biotechnology acquired in the past business activities, GTS is working on the development and provision of new medicines and therapeutic treatment for the purpose of achieving comprehensive healthcare solutions for the patients suffering from these diseases as well as families and caregivers. This Agreement aims to create new therapeutic treatments for such diseases by utilizing the Stem Cells from Human Exfoliated Deciduous Teeth (SHED), which is the cornerstone of our business in cell therapy field

In the case of ophthalmologic diseases, if appropriate surgery and treatment are not performed at an early stage, it can lead to blindness in the worst case resulting in a significant deterioration in quality of life (QOL). Also, therapeutic effects of the existing surgery and treatment are not always sufficient for patients in some diseases. Cell therapy utilizing SHED with prominent tissue regeneration capability may reduce the risk of blindness and prevent the deterioration of QOL by enhancing the effectiveness of surgery and treatment for such patients. 1 Department of Biofunctional Evaluation, Molecular Pharmacology, Gifu Pharmaceutical University has been strenuously conducting basic research aimed at deciphering the mechanisms of ophthalmologic diseases and developing therapeutic agents, and has reported a number of remarkable findings. We have agreed on the potential of SHED for a new therapeutic treatment and decided to initiate a research collaboration.

2. Contents of this agreement

Using SHED prepared by Advanced Cell Technology and Engineering Ltd., a wholly- owned subsidiary of GTS, GTS and Gifu Pharmaceutical University will conduct basic research jointly to find new therapeutic treatments for a disease in ophthalmologic area.

3. Outline of counterparties to this agreement

1. Name Gifu Pharmaceutical University

2. Location Daigaku-nishi 1-25-4, Gifu-city, Gifu

3. Representative Takashi Inagaki

4. Counterparty Department of Biofunctional Evaluation, Molecular Pharmacology, Gifu Pharmaceutical University

4. Future outlook

The impact of this transaction on the business results for the fiscal year ending March 2020 is expected to be minimal. 2

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