Fred Hutch spinout Faraday Pharmaceuticals raises $25M for muscle loss prevention drug - (GeekWire via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Faraday Pharmaceuticals has raised $25 million to fund their efforts to develop a drug for the prevention of muscle loss, reported GeekWire.

  • The biotechnology startup, which has received backing from ARCH Venture Partners, Polaris and others, says the ongoing funding round could bring in as much as $30 million this year.

  • "Many diseases are compromised by additional loss of muscle," said Faraday CEO Steve Hill, adding "we want to focus on minimizing the morbidity associated with disease by focusing on reducing cardiac muscle damage and skeletal muscle damage."

  • The company is developing a therapy for patients who have undergone surgery following a heart attack. The iodide-containing drug aims to prevent reperfusion injury that can occur after a heart attack.

  • The company recently completed a Phase II trial with 120 healthy volunteers to establish the safety, with a late-stage study planned for next year on patients who have suffered ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction.

  • Long term, Faraday wants to use the same drug to prevent skeletal muscle loss throughout the body, the news source said.

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