KOL Views: How close is the Beovu bogey in Eylea’s rear-view mirror?

Novartis navigated the tricky development waters and got a green light from the FDA to begin selling Beovu (brolucizumab) this week for wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Now comes the hard part: leaning on a possible – if nuanced – advantage on dosing to peel prescribers and patients away from the market leader in Regeneron’s Eylea (aflibercept).

To provide FirstWord readers with rapid feedback on if and how Beovu’s availability will change prescribing patterns, we are hosting an expert call with a key opinion leader (KOL) later this week.

Key topics that will be discussed during the call include, among other things… how does Beovu’s safety and efficacy compare with that of Eylea; does Beovu’s q12w dosing offer slightly/significantly better convenience relative to Eylea; are there any notable surprises (inclusions or omissions) in Beovu’s label; how concerned are you, if at all, about slightly higher rates of intraocular inflammation associated with Beovu; is Beovu’s profile differentiated enough to convince physicians to prescribe it rather than Eylea; what will be the biggest sticking points when it comes to persuading physicians to reach for Beovu; are there any subgroups, such as those with uncontrolled or residual fluid, that will be ideal early adopters of Beovu; roughly speaking, to what proportion of AMD patients do you expect to prescribe Beovu; will the availability of Beovu lead to a decrease in use of Eylea; while Novartis priced Beovu on par with Eylea, would you have been more apt to prescribe Beovu if it were cheaper; how much will non-clinical features (eg, formulary placement) dictate your prescribing decisions; and how much will the availability of Eylea biosimilars impact prescribing decisions?

Ask the expert!

Furthermore, we invite FirstWord Pharma readers to submit their own questions for consideration. Please click here to do so. We can't guarantee that all questions submitted will be asked due to time constraints, but we will do our utmost to cover the important issues relating to the evolving wet AMD treatment paradigm.

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