Smartphone can help patients take pills on time - (The Economic Times via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Researchers presenting at the Argentine Congress of Cardiology (SAC) say a simple smartphone app can be a cost effective way of helping patients take their medicines for the period prescribed, reported The Economic Times.

  • In the study, a total of 90 heart attack patients, aged 63 years on average, who were admitted to hospital were randomly allocated to the app or detailed written information. Adherence to medical treatment was measured at 90 days using the Morisky Medical Adherence Scale (MMAS-8).

  • For those assigned to the smartphone group, the prescribed medication schedule was uploaded to the digital application, and an alarm would ring each time a drug had to be taken.

  • Results showed that patients using a smartphone app reminder were more likely to take their medication than those who received written instructions.

  • "We hypothesised that the app would increase adherence by 30%, but the impact was even greater," remarked study author Cristian Garmendia, noting that patients using the app "had better knowledge about why they had been prescribed each medication and could check compliance with their doctor."

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