Strides Pharma likely to launch affordable insulin from Stelis stable - (Business Standard via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Business Standard reported that Strides Pharma could get access to the insulin market as Stelis Biopharma, in which it is in the process of acquiring a controlling stake, is building an integrated insulin and insulin analogue platform with proprietary technology.

  • According to the news source, Strides believes Stelis could be a "disruptor" in terms of insulin accessibility and affordability. 

  • Strides may commercialise the insulin coming out of the R&D facility in the future, but has not set a timeline for that, the news source said.

  • Strides, which currently owns a 43% stake in Stelis, is reclaiming control of the company, five years after it sold its stake to GMS Holdings, and is investing an additional $40 million into the firm as well. 

  • Biocon recently announced that it would be reducing the rates of insulin from the current $5 Rs to 7 cents per day for lower- and middle-income countries, including India.

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