New possibilities for gene therapies with spin of the Sleeping Beauty transposase - (ScienceDaily via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Scientists writing in Nature Biotechnology say they have developed a new variant of the Sleeping Beauty transposase that can be used for genome engineering of stem cells and therapeutic T cells, with applications in regenerative medicine and cancer immunotherapy, reported ScienceDaily.

  • "The protein we developed can be delivered into mammalian cells and remains fully functional, enabling efficient and stable genome modifications in target cells on demand," explained researcher Orsolya Barabas.

  • According to the news source, the new type of Sleeping Beauty transposase not only enables direct protein delivery, but also penetrates cells autonomously. 

  • "All these features open new avenues for CAR-T cell production and other gene therapies," commented lead author Irma Querques.

  • The team is now looking to further explore the mechanisms behind the cell penetrating property of the Sleeping Beauty transposase and whether these mechanisms can be transferred to other proteins as well.

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