KOL Views: What do new data say about the pursuit of a functional cure for HBV infection?

This year’s edition of The Liver Meeting offered up several readouts for combination regimens that companies hope could emerge as a functional cure for chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection, perhaps none more interesting than a triplet from Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals and Johnson & Johnson in Phase II testing.

To provide FirstWord readers with rapid feedback on the state of HBV drug development, we are hosting an expert call with a key opinion leader (KOL) later this week.

Key topics that will be discussed during the call include, among other things… what were the most important HBV-related takeaways from this year’s meeting; does a functional cure ever looked feasible now than ever before; how impressed were you with the first data from Arrowhead/Johnson & Johnson’s triple combination; does this look like it could be the first functional cure for chronic HBV or is it more likely an important template off of which to build/improve; does the regimen – a core/capsid inhibitor, nucleos(t)ide inhibitor and gene-silencing candidate – look like the strongest combination; what other targets or modalities could be included in a regimen, and are there reasons why they could make more sense; are there any other combinations for which there are particularly compelling data or perhaps even mechanistic rationale; if you were to guess, how many years will it be until an initial 'functional cure' is approved; thinking back on how the hepatitis C virus (HCV) market evolved, is HBV likely to be dominated by the first- and/or best-in-class regimen (perhaps due to the emergence of a sofosbuvir-like trailblazer) or will it be more segmented; and what readouts are you most looking forward to in 2020?

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