Walz calls for public hearings to break insulin impasse - (The Sun Herald via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Minnesota Governor Tim Walz is calling on state lawmakers to hold public hearings to try to break an impasse over legislation to make insulin more affordable, following little progress made in closed-door talks over the past month, as reported in The Sun Herald.

  • Walz suggested that public hearings with testimony from experts and advocates could provide the necessary push to find middle ground and reach a deal that lawmakers could pass before year's end, rather than waiting for the 2020 regular session, which opens February 11.

  • A US House proposal would charge drug companies fees to cover the costs of 90-day emergency supplies for patients with diabetes who cannot afford their insulin. 

  • Meanwhile, a Senate plan calls for drugmakers to provide patients with free insulin via their doctor's offices for up to a year, renewable, if their income is low enough.

  • Walz stated that the two sides should be able to bridge their differences, saying "the solution's there, the compromise is there, the will to get it done is there, and all we need to do is push it over the line."

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