China to establish state catalog for medicines in short supply - (China Daily via NewsPoints Desk)

  • China plans to set up a state catalogue for medicines in short supply to strengthen early warnings on drug shortages, reported China Daily.

  • The draft regulation, issued by China's National Health Commission (NHC), also calls for the set up of a separate catalogue for essential clinical medicines that are likely to be in short supply, and to establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism.

  • The catalogues will focus on essential medicines and medicines for emergency rescue, major diseases, public health and special groups, which have few supply sources and face the risk of supply shortage, according to the NHC.

  • Medicines that are listed in at least three provincial-level catalogues for shortage and cannot be restocked for some time, will be included in the state catalogue, according to the draft.

  • China will also bolster monitoring and early warnings of "abnormal prices" of medicines that are in the two catalogues, step up law enforcement against the monopoly of bulk drugs and deal with the issue of rising drug prices.

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