Coronavirus: Bay Area biotech companies join race to test drugs, vaccines - (San Francisco Chronicle via NewsPoints Desk)

  • R.W. Baird analyst Madhu Kumar is skeptical that drugs can be identified, tested for safety and manufactured in time to help contain the current coronavirus outbreak, reported the San Francisco Chronicle.

  • "I don't have a ton of confidence they're going to get something quickly," he said, adding "getting something done quickly has nothing to do with the companies. It has everything to do with drug development taking a long time." 

  • "By the time they get something that could potentially work...this pandemic will be over and it'll be hard to see a path forward," he remarked.

  • Kumar noted that "SARS, Ebola, the coronavirus today...they don't really pop up regularly enough where you can reliably manufacture medicines in a way that will be profitable. They're basically kind of altruistic efforts on companies' part."

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