Gilead's Coronavirus Drug Trial Slowed Due to Lack of Eligible Recruits - (Morningstar via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Clinical trials being conducted in Wuhan to test Gilead Sciences' remdesivir, a potential treatment for COVID-19, are going more slowly than hoped for as the drugmaker struggles to recruit qualified patients, as reported in Morningstar.

  • The trials, aimed at testing 761 patients infected with the new coronavirus strain, including 308 patients with mild-to-moderate symptoms and 452 with severe conditions, have succeeded in recruiting fewer than 200 people after 10 days.

  • Zhang Xinmin, an official from China's Ministry of Science and Technology, said a total of 168 patients with severe symptoms, and 17 with mild-to-moderate symptoms, were recruited at 11 medical institutes across Wuhan.

  • A Gilead spokeswoman said the two studies, for severe and more moderate cases, were initiated about a week apart and are being conducted by Chinese officials, not Gilead.

  • "Any questions about the status of those studies would be best addressed by the principal investigator," she said.

  • Zhao Jianping, who is heading a team advising on the treatment of coronavirus patients, indicated earlier this month that two-thirds of the severe patients in the trials would be given the drug while the other third would be given placebo plus standard treatment.

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