Brazil added to Daewoong Pharm’s market list for botox product sale - (Pulse via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Daewoong Pharmaceutical announced Thursday that it received marketing approval of the neurotoxin product Nabota in Brazil to improve glabellar wrinkles and stiff muscles after stroke, reported Pulse.

  • The company said initial shipments to Brazil will begin in the first half of this year with its partner m8 Pharmaceutical, which is responsible for local distribution.

  • The local partner is also responsible for direct sales of Nabota for therapeutic purposes in Brazil, while Daewoong's unnamed another partner will cover marketing of the product in the cosmetic and beauty sector.

  • In Brazil, the botox-based therapeutic market is as large as the cosmetic market and Nabota's availability in these two markets will lead to its fast growth, said Park Sung-soo, head of Daewoong's Nabota business.

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