Medicine shortage fears as India limits exports - (BBC News via NewsPoints Desk)

  • There are fears of global shortages of some common drugs after India limited the export of 26 active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulations made from them due to the COVID-19 outbreak, reported BBC News.

  • "Even drugs that aren't produced in China get their base ingredients from China. Globally there could be a shortage if China and India both get hit," warned analyst Shaun Rein from the China Market Research Group.

  • However, the Indian government has urged calm over its announcement and said there were enough stocks to last for up to three months.

  • In 2018, Indian imports accounted for almost a quarter of US medicines and more than 30% of medicine ingredients, according to the FDA.

  • FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn told US lawmakers earlier this week that the agency is working to determine how the restrictions will affect the US medical supply and its impact on essential medicines.

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