Announcement of Joint Research Agreement with Oita University for Peripheral Nerve Paralysis

Tokyo, March 5, 2020–Gene Techno Science Co., Ltd. (“GTS”) executed ajoint research agreement (“this agreement”) with Oita University for adevelopment of new therapyfor peripheral nerve paralysis.

1.Purpose of this agreement

Peripheral nerve paralysis is a motor and sensory dysfunction due tonerve damages inhands, limbs, or face caused bytraffic accidents, tumor surgery, or autoimmune diseases.The current treatment aims to restore the nerve function by transplanting the patient's own nerve or artificialnerve conduits.Theautologous nerve transplantation, however, may cause a complication of sustainednumbness or pain in the areaof donor nerve collection.The artificial nerve conduits can avoid such issues but their efficacyon nerve regeneration is limited.Under this situation, stem cell therapy has been expected as a new therapeutic option.In particular, stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth (“SHED”) have possibilities to overcome the challenges of current treatments with theirexcellent capability of nerve regeneration.

Department of Plastic Surgeryin Oita University Hospitalhas a wealth of surgeryrecord in the nerve reconstruction for patients with peripheral nerve paralysis.In addition, it has strenuously advancedbasic research on the nerve regeneration and achieved significantresults. GTS and Oita University agreed on the potential utility of SHED for a new therapy of peripheral nerve paralysis,resulting in this joint research agreement.

2.Outline of counterpartyto this agreement

       1.NameOita University
       2.Location700 Dannoharu,Oita City
       3.PresidentSeigo Kitano
       4.DepartmentPlastic Surgery, Oita University Hospital

3.Future outlook

The impact on the business results for the fiscal year ending March 2020 is expected to be minimal.

About Gene Techno Science Co., Ltd.

GTS announced GTS 3.0 “Biotech Engineering Company, striving for value creation” a new business stage starting from this fiscal year, which targeted the pediatric disease in addition to the areas GTS has been engaged in such as the orphan disease and intractable disease. By leveraging the knowhow and expertise about biotechnology acquired in the past business activities, GTS is working on the development and provision of new medicines and therapeutic treatment for the purpose of achieving comprehensive healthcare solutions for the patients suffering from these diseases as well as families and caregivers.


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