Trump declares national emergency over coronavirus - (CNBC via NewsPoints Desk)

  • US President Donald Trump on Friday declared a national emergency over the COVID-19 global pandemic, and also announced a set of specific measures aimed at curbing the effects of the outbreak, as reported by CNBC.

  • "To unleash the full power of the federal government…I am officially declaring a national emergency…two very big words," Trump said, adding "the next eight weeks are critical."

  • The declaration frees up as much as $50 billion in financial resources to assist Americans affected by the outbreak.

  • Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron said Friday that he, Trump and the rest of the G7 leaders will meet by videoconference on March 16 to "coordinate research efforts on a [COVID-19] vaccine and treatments, and work on an economic and financial response."

  • Trump said he expected the US to have 1.4 million COVID-19 test kits available within a week, and a total of 5 million kits within the next month, although he doubted the country would "need anywhere near" 5 million kits.

  • The president also said there will be a "drive-thru" option for the tests, so that people can stay in their cars when they are screened for the virus.

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