Phase 2 of coronavirus vaccine human trials may begin in spring, Moderna chairman says - (CNBC via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Moderna Chairman Noubar Afeyan said the first human trial of a vaccine to prevent the coronavirus could advance to Phase II testing this spring, reported CNBC.

  • "It's difficult to put a specific date on things just because it's a very dynamic situation," Afeyan said, adding "we've entered Phase I trials….We'll enter hopefully Phase II trials, we expect that to happen in the spring, perhaps early summer."

  • Moderna partnered with the US National Institutes of Health to accelerate the development of the vaccine to prevent COVID-19, with early-stage human trials having started in the Seattle area in mid-March.

  • Afeyan said he expects other companies working on a vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson, could also be successful in developing an effective one.

  • "We hope that everybody succeeds because the worldwide demand for these types of interventions is far in excess of what any one player can deliver," he said.

  • Johnson & Johnson said recently that it hoped to begin human trials of its experimental COVID-19 vaccine by September.

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