U.S. states build stockpiles of malaria drug touted by Trump - (This is Money via NewsPoints Desk)

  • At least 22 US states and Washington, DC, have secured shipments of hydroxychloroquine, which is being investigated as a potential treatment for COVID-19, as reported by This is Money.

  • Several states including New York, Connecticut, Oregon, Louisiana, North Carolina and Texas received donations of the medication from Amneal Pharmaceutical, while Florida was given 1 million doses from Teva.

  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency has sent 19 million doses of hydroxychloroquine to 14 cities including Washington, DC, Philadelphia and Baltimore from the federal government's national stockpile, a source that also provided South Dakota and California with supplies.

  • The US government received a donation of 30 million doses from Novartis on March 29 to build up the stockpile, which does not normally stock the drug.

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