Russian Drug Prices to Rise Again on Global Transport Chaos - (The Moscow Times via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Pharmaceutical companies have warned that drug prices are likely to rise in Russia as a result of disruption to global travel and supply chains due to COVID-19, while some could disappear from the market, reported The Moscow Times.

  • More than 75% of the products that go into Russian-made drugs are imported from China and India, according to RNC Pharma, while a news report suggested that transport costs are up six-fold on some routes, meaning some medicines could become loss-making to manufacture.

  • Medical providers have warned that the shutdown of factories at the start of the coronavirus outbreak in China severely disrupted the import of life-saving cancer medicine into Russia.

  • Patients are now being warned to brace for further price rises despite factories coming back online, with pharmaceutical bosses pointing to huge increases in transport costs, logistical difficulties, material shortages and production backlogs, the news source said.

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