Convalescent Plasma Is Safe to Treat Covid-19, National Study Shows - (The Wall Street Journal via NewsPoints Desk)

  • A study of thousands of COVID-19 patients who received convalescent plasma from people who recovered from the disease indicates the experimental therapy is safe, paving the way for future studies and clinical trials, reported The Wall Street Journal.

  • A team of researchers, including from the Mayo Clinic, examined health outcomes of 5000 hospitalized patients around the US who received plasma treatment, and found the transfusions resulted in few serious side effects and there wasn't an excessive mortality rate.

  • Researchers in the study, which was posted on public server Medrxiv, found serious adverse events occurred in fewer than 1% of the treated patients, and the mortality rate seven days after transfusion was 14.9%.

  • "The data are reassuring," said Arturo Casadevall of Johns Hopkins University, one of the authors of the study, adding "now we can focus on finding out if it is effective."

  • A separate study, at the Houston Methodist hospitals, involving 25 patients with severe or life-threatening COVID-19 infections who received convalescent plasma transfusions, also was posted on the public server.

  • That study found no adverse events associated with the therapy, and investigators indicated safety risks were comparable to what any seriously ill patient getting a transfusion would face.

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