Scientists in China believe new drug can stop pandemic 'without vaccine' - (This is Money via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Scientists at Peking University say they have been developing a drug they believe has the potential to bring the coronavirus pandemic to a halt, as reported in This is Money.

  • According to the researchers, the drug, which uses neutralising antibodies isolated from the blood of 60 recovered patients, could not only shorten the recovery time for those infected, but even offer short-term immunity from the virus.

  • Sunney Xie, director of the university's Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Genomics, said "when we injected neutralising antibodies into infected mice, after five days the viral load was reduced by a factor of 2500."

  • A study on the team's research, published in the journal Cell, suggests that using the antibodies provides a potential "cure" for the disease and shortens recovery time.

  • He added that the drug should be ready for use later this year and in time for any potential winter outbreak of the virus.

  • "Planning for the clinical trial is underway," said Xie, adding it will be carried out in Australia and other countries since cases have dwindled in China, offering fewer human subjects for testing.

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