Anti-malaria drug endorsed by Trump against coronavirus could cause diarrhea, Chinese research shows - (Global Times via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Chinese researchers recently released results of the first clinical trial for hydroxychloroquine against COVID-19, showing that when used for coronavirus treatment, it could cause an adverse digestive reaction, reported the Global Times.

  • They said that using hydroxychloroquine for mild-to-moderate coronavirus-infected patients is not encouraged, as patients can show symptoms of digestive diseases, such as diarrhea, sickness and vomiting.

  • The research, which was published in the BMJ, was based on a total of 150 admitted confirmed COVID-19 patients.

  • One group of 75 people were initially given a daily dosage of 1200 mg of hydroxychloroquine for three days, and later 800 mg every day for two weeks. Another group of 75 were given only standard care.

  • "There were no significant differences between the two groups," said Xie Qing, director of the infectious disease department at the Ruijin hospital. 

  • Apart from some adverse effects, no severe reactions were seen in either group of patients, the researcher noted.

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