Coronavirus Vaccine Latest: China Fosun Billionaire Sees Approval - (Bloomberg via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Guo Guangchang, the founder of Fosun Group, expects to win approvals soon for testing a vaccine against the new coronavirus in his home country China, reported Bloomberg.

  • The remarks come a day after Chinese President Xi Jinping promised to make any protective vaccine universally available.

  • In March, Guo's Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group teamed up with German partner BioNTech, which has already been conducting clinical trials of the vaccine in Germany. Early-stage results should be available soon, Guo said.

  • However, he declined to elaborate on when Fosun Pharmaceutical will obtain all the required approvals.

  • The group has also been working with overseas partners in trying to find an effective medicine against the virus, but so far it has not found any, Guo said, adding "maybe the key solution to the problem is not in medicine, but still in vaccine."

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