Philippines to take part in 2 Taiwanese clinical trails for coronavirus vaccine - (Taiwan News via NewsPoints Desk)

  • The Philippine government announced it will participate in two Taiwanese organizations’ clinical trials developing coronavirus vaccines, reported Taiwan News.

  • The Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF) approved a proposal by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) that the Philippines take part in clinical trials conducted by four foreign entities. Among the four are Taiwan vaccine manufacturer Adimmune and Taiwan research institute Academia Sinica.

  • The IATF said the Philippine Food and Drug Administration will advise the organizations on applying for permission to carry out trials in the Philippines. 

  • To help domestic vaccine development, the IATF approved a recommendation by the DOST to establish the Virology S&T Institute in New Clark City and reactivate the Pharmaceutical Development Unit at DOST-Industrial Technology Development Institute.

  • The Philippines will also participate in trials with two Chinese organizations, the Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health and the China National Pharmaceutical Group's Wuhan and Beijing institutes of biological products. 

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