WHO expects hydroxychloroquine safety findings by mid-June - (This is Money via NewsPoints Desk)

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday promised a swift review of data on hydroxychloroquine, probably by mid-June, as reported in This is Money.

  • "A final decision on the harm, benefit or lack of benefit of hydroxychloroquine will be made once the evidence has been reviewed," the agency said, a day after potential safety concerns prompted it to suspend the malaria drug's use in a large trial on COVID-19 patients.

  • Those already in the so-called Solidarity Trial of thousands of patients who have started hydroxychloroquine can finish their treatment, the WHO said.

  • Newly enrolled patients will get other treatments being evaluated in the study, including Gilead Sciences' remdesivir and AbbVie's Kaletra/Aluvia.

  • The news source said separate hydroxychloroquine trials, including a 440-patient US study by Novartis, are continuing enrollment.

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