Medical Journal Issues Correction on Study of Covid-19 and Antimalarial Drugs - (The Wall Street Journal via NewsPoints Desk)

  • The Lancet issued a correction to a recent large study of real-world data finding that chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine did not help patients fight COVID-19 and raised the risk for heart problems and death, The Wall Street Journal

  • The journal said the study had incorrectly reported the number of participants from Asia and Australia but that the overall findings remain unchanged.

  • The move follows criticism from more than 100 physicians and researchers who outlined, in an open letter to the journal, concerns over the research methods and the integrity of the data collected from 671 hospitals across six continents.

  • The Lancet also corrected an appendix included in the study.

  • The study's lead author Mandeep Mehra said that The Lancet informed him and the other authors of a discrepancy in the data reported by Australian hospitals and that they then discovered a hospital in Asia was mistakenly included in the Australia data.

  • Mehra said the researchers reported the updated data to the journal and are initiating an independent review of the data.

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